Logo design for a made-in-Italy company that creates bespoke car interiors 

Sartoria Stradale is a company with many years of know-how that specialized in the development of bespoke car interiors. Sartoria's purpose is to unlock the huge potential of tailoring, making it an essential addition for any vehicle. The major services provided are interior upholstery, repair, maintenance, and restyling, as well as the possibility of aesthetic and technical consultations to build unique tailor-made solutions where materials and components are chosen based on customer’s wishes and needs. Sartoria Stradale's logo was designed to express the company's prestige and know-how in a modern style. The logotype's wide and geometric shape is easily recognizable and therefore suitable for printing, displays, web use and car applications. To maintain conceptual consistency, the color palette has a medium-contrast color that conveys both authority and elegance.


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If you want to work with me just say hi there


If you want to work with me just say hi there ︎︎︎