Official merchansigng for Marco Mengoni's album

Materia (Prisma) is the latest album in Marco Mengoni's multi-platinum MATERIA record trilogy. He won the 73rd Sanremo Festival with the song Due Vite. The prism, like man, has the power to absorb experiences, filter them for analysis, and then return them in a wide range of colors. In a similar way, this album restores the various aspects of Marco's music while keeping his distinct and peculiar artistic identity at the forefront. The purpose of merchandising is to capture all of the varied features of the famous signer, which leads to the creation of different sorts of artwork. Iridescent colors, primitive graphics, and tie-dye prints were therefore combined to provide a comprehensive overview of the Materia project's discography.


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If you want to work with me just say hi there ︎︎︎