Visual identity and logo design for a retro-inspired golfing range with a contemporary twist

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque landscape, Four is a golfing range that blends tradition and innovation. It aims to capture the essence of golf, one of the world's oldest and most iconic sports, while also boldly reimagining the experience for the contemporary golfer. The age-old codes of golf are not only kept here, but also raised to new heights. Through the choice of typography, the visual identity effortlessly combines vintage charm with a modern sensibility: an elegant typeface with delicate curves is paired with a modern typeface, a tribute to early grotesques full of character. To emphasize the timeless nature of the sport, a black-and-white visual language was chosen, which conveys a touch of nostalgia but also remains contemporary thanks to the color palette. Four embodies the spirit of a brand that honors tradition with a contemporary twist.


managed independently

If you want to work with me just say hi there


If you want to work with me just say hi there ︎︎︎