Storytelling video and teaser

Fotografie intorno al mondo is a visual representation that tells the journey that photographer Cesare Gerolimetto made around the world in 1976 with only his truck. If the teaser shows through actions and silent movements the moments that precede the viewing of the slides, the video adds additional levels of narration such as the images, the representation of memories, and the voice of Caesar. The video describes the experience in two parts: in the first, we see the preparation of the materials in order to review some dear moments, while in the second one the projected photos flow until the last photo taken during the trip. Here the materiality and the concreteness of the process is combined with the immateriality of the memories. While gestures are fulfilled in the present, the selection of slides and their sequence go hand in hand with the surface of memories: mental images chase each other so quickly that they overlap to create dream scenarios.


concept, scene
recording, sound

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