Visual identity for a venetian fashion chain

Fondamenta is a retail chain of fashion based in Venice that produces and distributes three different apparels: For, Moss and 438. These clothing lines and the soul of Fondamenta itself have been designed for young women with a modern and functional approach to fashion that prefer a timeless aesthetic over some passing trends. For this reason also the image and the design of the stores reflect the same visual concept: simplicity, linearity and elegance. In the visual identity, cremy shades are combined with darker shades of grey, creating an elegant and solid combination capable of defining an out of time aesthetic, while a sans serif font conveys the stylish and contemporary spirit of the brand. Even the images used have a consistent style with the rest of the graphics, becoming a fundamental part for the creation of a minimal and suspended atmosphere characterized by soft but resolute colors.


art direction, logo,
advertising, branding applications

If you want to work with me just say hi there


If you want to work with me just say hi there ︎︎︎