Packaging system for a vegan food company that embraces taste and authenticity 

Bioenergy, born as an artisanal laboratory making biological vegan foods, has evolved over the years as a result of increasing local and regional success. This reality works with seitan, tofu, and tempeh by transforming them into natural products and ready-to-eat foods. The intention is to demonstrate that everyone can be vegan or vegetarian without compromising flavor.
 The packaging work focused on communicating brand values through reliable aesthetics, to take Bioenergy to new commercial horizons, such as distribution throughout Italy. To achieve this, a natural but eye-catching color palette was combined with immediate illustrations to separate the various product lines: seitan, tofu, and tempeh. The colors for "natural" and "seasoned" items have been reversed to provide an additional divide within each line; while the product window recalls, in the end, the leaf in the logo and brings the consumer closer to the goods.


Dry Studio

executive development of product line concept, illustrations

If you want to work with me just say hi there


If you want to work with me just say hi there ︎︎︎